oh the joy

horrible horrible week

i feel awful

in a disgusting, stupid way

on top of feeling awful, i also feel dizzy (been feeling dizzy all week) and hot as in ‘holy shit my skin’s on fire’

i don’t know if it’s stress resulting from my anxiety

or if i’m sick

either way i want the sea


I can’t draw things that aren’t cute right now


Transparent Red Hood and Red Robin ready to rock and roll


no no no no no no no


i am not going through that again i am not

i refuse

sometimes i think i exhaust myself only because the relief is so great when i stop

how to be a ghost

somebody needs to tell me what the fuck is going on because planes keep falling (do you guys realize that six tragic accidents involving airplanes happened in less than a month? and i’m not even counting the ones at the start of the year) and people keep dying and the city i live in is running out of water and there’s a war going on and most of the headlines i read on the paper today were about men raping children and killing their wives and people getting thrown out of their houses and the ebola virus situation is bound to get even worse than it is right now before it gets better and everything is just too fucking awful