oh the joy



- Future’s End #13

Tim Drake appreciation post.

i am so attracted

oh god


a friend in need is a friend indeed

[to prevent…. buns in the oven……………..]

and you know minako would.

Lola found herself a spot while i was making the bed

all i want for season 3 is will getting passive-agressive (but not really) letters from hannibal

'i have just witnessed the most precious family at a restaurant. a little girl with her two fathers, all three of them happy and at ease. it could have been us, will.

you fucker.




Hannibal avoiding Will Graham in season 3



    Jason Todd, Tim Drake

    He will burn out soon.

    Build something from the ashes, build something from the remains.

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The Witch’s Sabbath, by Luis Ricardo Falero, 1860

Close Your Eyes and Sleep

    Tim Drake, Kon-El


    He smiles at the end of the name, when the ‘m’ kisses his lips and almost seals them shut.

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About the Mother

    Tim Drake, Kon-El, Janet Drake

    She would lock him up inside a box, keep him away from the world for she would judge him unfit to be out.

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when i turn 40, tim drake will still be 16/17, won’t he?