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The evolution of Aurora


This week we sat down with Art Director Thomas Rollus to talk about the creation process for Aurora.  We’ll show some images of Aurora at different stages of development to give some insight on how she came to be the character she is today. 


The first iteration of Aurora was inspired by the women from the beginning of the 20th century: “Art deco” tomboy style. She was between 14 and 16 years old, mischievous, curious and without fear. She has short hair to go with her style but also for technical reasons.  Until our programmers found a solution, we thought Aurora was going to need short hair. If you look at the environment you can see that it was more detailed. This look proved to be problematic since it made it difficult for the player to understand what was going on in the game. So in the end we opted to go with a simpler watercolor feel.


Following a presentation to the management, we received feedback saying they’d like to see a more unique and iconic look for Aurora. We have tried different styles from the basic cartoon to the more realistic but in the end we chose a fierce version of Aurora with flowing, colorful hair and an over-sized sword.


During our design process we grew further and further removed from our original idea. We went from a child to a teenage Aurora and distanced ourselves from the fairy tale settings.  One Monday morning Pat pointed out how far we drifted. We decided to go back to our original idea and Serge and Vivian and I made rapid sketches. We quickly settled one of my drawings. So this became the first drawing of the final version of Aurora. The key elements are all there; the flowing hair, crown and sword we thought that the idea of her carrying an adult sword and wearing the crown make her more loveable and determined to succeed because she needed to fight the weight of her own weapons.


After this final reworking of Aurora, Serge worked on the definitive stages of Aurora. You can see her progression through her look and outfit. She grows from a little girl with a simple dress to an elegant woman inspired by fashion designers. The patterns on her dress are taken from the coat of arms of Lemuria: the cherry tree that represents the rebirth.  Later we added the lotus flower to represent calm and beauty.

when i turn 40, tim drake will still be 16/17, won’t he?


Courtney Love’s Facebook Hangout | #LoveOnLove (x)

I was wondering: If the Batboys had their names in Brazilian Portuguese and…




Richard = Ricardo

Jason = Jasão

Timothy = Timóteo

Damian = Damião

and i was like NO.

Those are so cute though! And Damião is almost like Da-MEOW which is so very special in its own way.



alfredo foi pra sempre arruinadao pra mim por causa daquele comercial de papel higiênico.






College au where Steph convinces Tim to go to yoga with her and Cass.

And Tim meets their hot, bendy, built like a brick house, six foot two yoga instructor, Jason.

And steph loves to make inappropriate common about it to Tim. Like “I’m sure he’ll do the down dog with you.”

"He didnt make us do this until your cutie butt showed up in class. "

And Cass is like “You two are ruining my relaxation.” Bit she loves it.

"Deep breaths, Tim." Jason says with small smile.

The smaller man, flinches, continues twitching with shallow sips of air, “I can’t do that, the deep breathing thing.  What’s my next option, coach?”

"You can’t breathe deeply?"

"No.  I can’t.  Hate breathing.  Except… to live."

you guys and your aus/headcanons <3 <3

watching hannibal (the tv series) makes me hungry and i don’t know if i should be concerned

somebody get me out of my fucking mind

how do i deal with this?


i’ll make you lick my injuries….